They Report The Appearance Of A "Solar Halo" In The Dajabón Restauración Area

Dajabón, RD.- Residents in the municipality of Restauración, Dajabón province, reported this Friday morning the appearance of a solar halo in that town.

It is a meteorological phenomenon caused by the refraction of light, as explained in the specialized Web Meteorology portal.

Photographs and videos submitted by users to this medium show a luminous circle around the sun, with a spectrum of colors similar to the rainbow.

Great curiosity and suspicion caused the sighting of this phenomenon among the people of the Dajabon province, at which time the Dominican Republic celebrates the day of Our Lady of Mercedes.

The inhabitants assure that they had never seen it before.

But what is a solar halo?

These phenomena is due to the presence of ice particles suspended in the troposphere, approximately 10 kilometers above the surface.

This is explained by the science communication medium "Muy Interesante", which also indicates that they refract the light that comes from the Sun, generating a spectrum of colors similar to that of the rainbow.

The visibility of this phenomenon depends on when there is a high contrast between the temperature of the surface and the temperature of the upper layers of the atmosphere.

It is said that this event is more frequent in regions with cold climates, but it is possible that it develops in other locations depending on the weather conditions.

The appearance of this phenomenon has caused great curiosity and fear in different countries of the world.

However, meteorology experts have clarified, at the time, that it is a normal phenomenon.

These specialists maintain that the solar halo does not predict an appearance of rain higher than expected.

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