Senator David Sosa Supervises The Shipment of a Firefighter Truck That Joins the Dajabon Fire Department

New York: - The senator of the Dominican Republic for the Dajabón border province, Mr. David Sosa, personally supervised the shipment of the fire truck that he bought in the United States to be used by the worthy fire department of the Dajabón municipality. 

"What is promised is a debt, my dear town of Dajabón I am in New York carrying out the process of supervision and shipment of the truck that we bought, a modern and efficient equipment that will be arriving in Dajabón in just a few days God willing."

Thanks to Joel Rodríguez from Loyalty Transport Corp and Rinaldy Gutiérrez for their efforts. To Alejandro Díaz "Jandito" for always accompanying me and supporting me.  Said David Sosa

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