Abinader inaugurates works in Dajabón and Montecristi for more than RD $ 2,390 million

MONTECRISTI. – President Luis Abinader, in the company of the Minister of Public Works and Communications, engineer Deligne Ascención, inaugurated a set of road infrastructure projects for an amount greater than RD $ 2,390 million that will impact the quality of life and socioeconomic development of several provinces of the Northwest Line.

The Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, pointed out in the central speech that the presence of the honorable President Luis Abinader inaugurating these works is part of the development vision presented in his swearing-in speech delivered to the nation , on August 16, 2020, and contained in the Government of Change's Strategic Development Plan.

"This vision consists of the execution of projects at the national level that link public investment to the territory and to the marginalized populations of economic and social development, providing job opportunities, productive undertakings and commercial and business linkages with the rest of the economy in all the country's provinces, while regional development poles of high impact and connectivity with the global economy are being created, "he said.

The official said that, within the framework of public investment action, this weekend we left open in Montecristi and Dajabón, what we have called the "Route for the Connectivity of the Municipalities of the Northwest Line."

This route for the connectivity of the roads will have a set of secondary or rural roads and roads, duly paved, signposted and built with quality and safety standards, which will support regional productive development and transform the daily life of the residents of the provinces benefited from this program.

"With this connectivity and development project, the necessary road infrastructures are being built to connect the communities of the Northwest with the Port of Manzanillo, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros and the tourist coastline of the north coast," he stressed.

"Likewise, this plan seeks to integrate the banana communities of Valverde, the rice producers of the entire area, as well as their vast livestock, and thousands of other producers of various crops, with the regional urban production and commercial centers, with the Binational market of Dajabón and with Sabaneta, to also guarantee the agribusiness push initiated under the Border Development Law 12-2021, promulgated by the current government on February 22, replacing Law 28-01, which guarantees incentives prosecutors that allow the development of the provinces bordering the Haitian border, "said Ascención.

Inaugural road works and their profiles.

Among the works put into operation by the president is the Dajabón-Santiago de la Cruz-Loma de Cabrera highway, whose reconstruction works amounted to more than 63 million pesos. It has a length of 20.2 kilometers and an average width of 7.20 meters, it will have a completely renewed asphalt layer of 2 inches of properly compacted covering.

The Guayubín-Pocito-Santa Cruz-Copey highway, with an extension of 34.40 kilometers, built with an investment of RD $ 1,217 million.

In addition, there is the Palo Verde-La 70 highway, which was executed with an invasion of RD $ 435 million. This highway, in addition to being the main access road to the La Cruz de Manzanillo project and other private companies, saves time and fuel for hundreds of carriers from Dajabón and other border towns.

Also, the reconstruction of the highway stretch of Avenida Libertad-Duarte highway, in Villa Vásquez, with an investment of RD $ 35.6 million and an extension of 2 kilometers.

Likewise, the highway that connects Montecristi with the municipality of Castañuelas, built for an amount of RD $ 33 million and a length of 2.04 kilometers.

The set of highways put into operation will allow greater road connectivity between the province of Montecristi, and the provincial demarcations of Puerto Plata, Valverde, Santiago Rodríguez and Dajabón.

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